Hi Funyoo,
can you please program this EA?

1. Opens trade either long or short.
2. Purely based on CCI with period “a”
3. Prepare to buy when CCI reaches -200 (Prepare to sell when CCI reaches +200)
4. Open buy when CCI reaches -100 (Open sell when CCI reaches +100)
5. Close trade when TP/SL is reached.


CCI Period: a
Take Profit: b
Stop Loss: c
Fixed Lot: d
Equity Risk%: e (if fixed lot zero)
Prepare to buy: -200 or f
Open buy: -100 or g
Prepare to sell: 200 or h
Open sell: 100 or i
Max open trades: j
Trailing stop: k
Trailing step: l
Break-Even: m
Break-even slide: n

Thanks in advance,