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Thread: Forexgain amazing results on Forex Factory

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    Default Forexgain amazing results on Forex Factory

    Forexgain amazing results on Forex Factory-forexgain-gif

    With his manual system called "Crazy Bitch".

    - Forexgain's Profile @ Forex Factory

    He has made 1700% in september on a live account with Exness.

    He has not yet revealed the way he trades. However you can study the trades in details. He trades against the crowd when the price is ranging after a big movement, he takes 7-30 pips, no more.

    Attached the donchian indicator (his red dot line), the template that reproduces his charts. He trades on H4, D1, W1, most of the time on H4. He is certainly using limit orders to enter at the best prices. He closes his orders on lowest low of the ranging bars. He is also using fibo retracements 61.8 50.0 38.2 23.6.

    Forexgain amazing results on Forex Factory-forexgain-2-gif
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