I have never tried this system but I am sure it works

INTRO to 1st indicator:
Larry Williams used the WPR to trade a futures competition turning $10k into $1 million.
His daughter probably used the same indicator. This site shows a positive forward test of a trading system using the WPR:

this shows very good forward test of WPR
WPR System by pravin2315 | Myfxbook

On another note, the CCI resembles the WPR. The CCI and WPR are default indicators of the MT4 platform. So
you don't have to worry about repainting.

I have been studying a guy on forexfactory who used CCI for his earlier trading systems.
He used trend direction indicators to see the trend after a divergence or cross of the CCI.

porfirio's Profile @ Forex Factory look at images and go back to his earlier images.

INTRO to 2nd indicator
indicator used in system is from
518# Deep Profit LaBs Trading System - Forex Strategies - Forex Resources - Forex Trading-free forex trading signals and FX Forecast
called @trend vol

this tells us the trend direction. I have used this indicator in the deep profit lab system and it predicted that the laguerre indicator
would go down when it was above the line. The deep profit lab system is not good in my opinion. the laguerre is a not that good of an indicator.

Here is the chart:
WPR trading system-wpr-trading-system-png

Another good trade
WPR trading system-euraudcttdaily-png

1. We enter the cross down from -20 for sell and enter the cross up from -80 for buy.
2. the trend vol indicator must say down for sell and up for buy
could wait for 2nd candle but not advised.
3. Stop loss is placed above the wick of the candle before the cross. the wick point that is opposite of trade.
So a sell would be the top of the wick and a buy would be bottom of wick.
Always use the close of the candle. Just like turtle trading use a mental stop.
4. Exit on cross contrary to the direction of the trade. So we don't exit a sell on cross down from -80 but a cross up from -80.

risk 1% to 2% per trade. make sure pip stop loss is very far from trade. You know how you use a pip stop loss.
Ex. risking 2% with a 500 pip stop loss. so when trade is -500 you risked lose 2%.

Note: program a WPR indicator to alert you when the cross of WPR happens in the right direction.
The alert SHOULD be in email form so you can have a computer or phone and just check your email when a signal fires.
Use a separate email for this

I hope this trading system makes you lots of pips. Much better than my repainting trading system I posted before.