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Thread: Entry depending on Swap

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    Default Entry depending on Swap

    An interesting idea for a trading system. Entry based on positive swap.

    We enter at the beginning of the daily bar if we have a swap over 1. We exit at the end of the daily bar if the profit is over 100 pips.

    There is no stoploss, the position size has to be small. Exit on a loss after 3 weeks minimum, 3 months maximum.

    Consider the 28 main pairs + SGD pairs and maybe USDSEK.

    It will offer correlation and diminush the open drawdown.

    Source : Bilstein's Profile @ Forex Factory
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    I don't really like to leave my orders for the weekend. Firstly, because you have to pay the broker for the position transfer, and secondly because sometimes there may be gaps as a result of which you can lose money.

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