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Thread: Purple band strategy

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    Default Purple band strategy

    We enter when the price reaches the purple band of the "MMA" (Multi-Moving Average).

    Possible exit : X pips above/under the bands. Otherwise trailingstop activated after 15 pips.

    Other conditions : all red and purple averages must be parallel, they have to be sorted from smallest to biggest for UP, the reverse for DOWN. The yellow band should not be totally included into the purple band.

    Timeframe : ideally M15. It could work with all, but for smaller timeframes, we will have to consider red instead of purple.
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    Hello brother, where can I download this EA?

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    The fact that this advisor looks effective is undeniable, but the question is how well it works. I've never used the MMA indicator and I don't know how it works. Well, I need to test it.

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