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Thread: What is the best ?

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    Default What is the best ?

    hi all trader
    what is the best dashboard with alert using for monitor get signal trade for all currencies ?
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    It depends what you want to base your signals on? Alerts for trending pairs? Alerts for ranging pairs? Indicator alerts? Candlestick pattern alerts? I coded a free forex robot that has over over 40 technical indicators an 11 candlestick patterns built in that you can set to alert you on multiple currency pairs and time frames. Then you can check the pair that had an alert and decide if it is a signal you would like to trade rather than taking it "blindly". It will save you time watching multiple currencies which can be confusing and thus detrimental to your trading success.

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    I think experience with practice will making what the best according us, might some trader using signal trading and some another like using indicator, and some another like using price action and candlestick pattern, some of trader like with support resistance analysis etc, trader need practice and chosen one that making comfortable in trades

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    It's hard not to agree with you, I always believed that experience and practice are the things that will help you to succeed on forex. Also, don't forget about discipline and psychology.

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What is the best ?