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Thread: Main trading methods to explore

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    Default Main trading methods to explore

    Let's do a list of the different kinds of trading systems that we should explore in forward testing before to maybe automate them. What is supposed to work months after months according to your experience, your searches, your discussions with your most reliable contacts ?

    My main studies :

    - Divergence on macd+stochastics,
    - Fundamentals + pivots (support/resistance and round numbers),
    - Cluster (relation with weakest and strongest pairs),
    - Adaptative martingale, without entry logics,
    - Multiple renko charts.

    They are all complicated to code, and by consequent to optimize in backtesting.

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    waves but from strategy of robert pretcher
    EMA +fibo +MA

    They are what i use for manula Trading since last 10 years

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    Mostly, I do research into finding indicators that either corroborate or gate each other.

    Right now, I have a CCI-based indicator that seems to lead other indicators by at least a couple of bars. I'm planning on posting it here soon with a strategy that uses this with other indicators, like Momo Counts and perhaps Stochastics.

    In development testing, I have seen the CCI/Momo combination achieve a 75% win percentage, although I have not embedded it in a profitable EA (yet). :-)


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    Default Price Action

    Are there any "Price Action" EA's available?
    Possible Rules: This is a work in progress.

    1. Open on a break above/below previous bar high/low. (variable timeframe)
    2. You could even use higher TF for entry and trail on smaller TF.
    3. Close after TP (variable) has been hit.
    4. Or trail using new previous bar high/low (variable + - high/low) as stop.
    4. Optional number of bars ago to use as stop.
    5. Only runs during specific time periods. (time filter)

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    I'm currently studying Cluster indicators such as CFP. I've been having significant results in backtesting and am now running in a forward test.

    My focus is:

    - Divergence through the use of cluster indicators.
    - Reinforcement learning using Tick data (c++ testing)


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Main trading methods to explore