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Thread: Perfect system

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    this system look take time to close position. swing trading style strategy.

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    Where, in which folder, do I put the indicator multiplierfx?

    It 's a tpl file, but it do not work to me in folders: "indicators" and "templates".

    Where do I put it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by multiplierfx View Post
    This system has great potential for profits.
    I put SL 40pips at the opening of trade. As we all know prices go up and down in its trend, so when you first create shoulder, drag the SL to the opening price that is 0pip to protect their money.
    If trend continues more and forming a shoulder, drag SL to the first shoulder and so will guarantee profit.
    Please find attached the tpl and the indicator.
    TF 1H
    The pairs tested are above
    Hi There,

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful system here. Look forward to give it a try.


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    Quote Originally Posted by multiplierfx View Post
    I want to share templates that I developed
    Hope you like.
    Works perfectly in GJ, GU, EU, Gold
    crossings after long or short
    40pips in price (after creating shoulders, changing SL)
    Until SL or after crossing.

    Sorry my poor english
    Someone could create an expert advisor for this method?

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    Now that would be incredible...I second the request...Funyoo..if you make it, I will join the Elite Section just to get it..


    Quote Originally Posted by alessandromagno View Post
    Someone could create an expert advisor for this method?

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    Looks interesting. Even the other indicators on larger time frames, like the daily. Could certainly rake in some pips.
    You MUST be an ELITE member to request EA's.

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    What happened ??
    This is a great method/strategy.
    Where has everyone gone ??

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    Thanks for the MACD-bar and bid-ask indicators.

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    its possible programer ea????
    run manual in live account? good resutls?
    please comment

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