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Thread: Perfect system

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    Thank's to multiplierfx for sharing this with us.

    Here is a very simple EA of this.
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    chris128 :

    can you explain your EA for the perfect system by multiplerfx
    is for which pair and for which templete in his indicators file ?

    because multiplerfx uses different MA for different pair.

    thanks for your EA

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    Thank you very much ! Good Job!

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    thanks... i like simple system. LWMA 50 (+50) looking interesting, i used to use ema 24 (+24).
    there is always an easy way... so keep it simple.

    Trading Simple for free...

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    Quote Originally Posted by multiplierfx View Post
    here are the other indicators and new templates - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
    Could anyone upload this template to 4share or mediafire?

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