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    Hello All.
    I do not post very often, but, always look in to see what is happening. I really enjoy this Site.
    Today I am asking for help. I, like so many, have been looking for an easy manual system to trade.
    I believe I have found it. I will explain the system ans then attach a jpeg of my screen. What I am asking is for someone to make me an indicator for this system.
    Right here goes.
    Indicators : NonLagMA_v7 (Length = 33), Stochastic (K% = 44, Slowing = 2, D% = 1, Levels 80 / 20)
    I Set all 3 charts up on 1 screen.
    Let's take the example of the posted screenshot.
    If the NonLagMA changes to red and the Stochastic moves below 80% that is a sell condition.
    This condition can present itself on both the EU and the EG.
    What I do then is look at the GU to see which currency is the weaker.
    I will then trade this currency against the Euro.
    I tried to change a "simple looking" indicator to place an arrow on the chart of the pair to be traded,...... Yeah Right. Try again.
    I did manage, however, to change an indicator which prints in a box, the words "Sell", "Buy", or "No Trade"
    The problem with that is that one can't see the point where the alert should be. I believe that this system works and would like to share it with all here, but, I can't prove it with screenshots which have arrows to show where entries should be.
    If there is anybody who can write this indicator for me I would be eternally grateful.
    I attach the 3 indicators which I changed and use and a screenshot.
    Thank you in advance.

    By the way, I did not use the NonLag_v7 in the indicators I presented here as I did not know how to get the data from the NonLagMA_v7. I used Moving averages instead. I prefer the NonLagMA even tho' it repaints a little. I only provided the indicators so that a potential programmer can see the logic I used. Thanx
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EU, EG & EG Combination