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Thread: Good manual system, Inidicator needed

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    Default Good manual system, Inidicator needed

    There is a kind of S/R system that I am working on but just need an indiactor to alert wjen price crosses either the High line or Low line. This is an excellent reversal strategy.

    Timeframe: 30M or 1H

    Pairs: Any but prefer GBPUSD, EURUSD,GBPJPY and EURJPY

    When price crosses the High Line , then place a sell order

    Place buy order when price crosses the Low Line.

    You can use the HMA Modified as confirmation of the reversal. Set the HMA Period in the HMA Modified Indicator to 60.

    See inidicators attached.

    FunyHoo , can you create an indicator that will alert to a cross of the line (either High or Low) by price with a message box and a audio alert? If you can allow the user to select the # of times the alert will sound on a cross. Also if you can have the option for the user to be able to turn the audio alert on or off, that would be great... U can modify the Din Fibo High indicator below...

    Thank you!!

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    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    What timeframe and what pairs do you use it?TP?SL?

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    Default Supertrend + EMA Alert

    Dear Funyoo,

    I've kept it as simple & straightforward as possible.
    Please see the attached pictures.

    It is purely based on 2 indicators namely: SupertrendBars & EMA Arrow Signal (12,26) which both filter each other.

    The desired modification is to be done inside the Supertrend indicator code which I use for my day-trading. All I need is for an arrow-styled alert (like the attached EMA indicator) to be added into the Supertrend code which will follow the description below:

    BUY SIGNAL - When a BLUE ARROW appears, supported by BLUE BARS (any of
    them may appear first)
    SELL SIGNAL - When a RED ARROW appears, supported by RED BARS (any of
    the two may appear first)

    All other signals should be ignored as shown in the attached charts.
    The false signals are marked with the 'x' sign while the red vertical
    lines are the correct signals for BUY or SELL.

    It's tons of appreciation from me and have a wonderful day.
    Attached Images Attached Images Good manual system, Inidicator needed-chart-1-gif Good manual system, Inidicator needed-chart-2-gif Good manual system, Inidicator needed-chart-3-gif Good manual system, Inidicator needed-chart-4-gif 
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    Default EA for Supertrend + EMA alert

    Dear Funyoo,

    Can you please create an EA that places a buy/sell order on a up/down arrow signal? For example, if an UP arrow occurs, a BUY order is placed. When a DOWN arrow occurs, the UP arrow buy order is closed and a SELL order is opened.

    I've been using this system for manual trading and so far it has been working well. Please help, I'm new to programming and would like to learn more about it.


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    Seems like a nice strategy..
    Maybe I'll code it.

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    good thanks info strategy..

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