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Thread: VoltyChannel_Stop System

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
    Plz download the system...i added all indicators and template for you....
    Happy Trading....
    Hi all,

    Well done everybody. Can someone re-attach the FxMatixPro file as the one attached earlier is damaged or corrupted and could not be downloaded again.

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    IT looks like a very powerful system. I will create an EA for this and share it here...
    Traders Used This Secret Trading Strategy To Bank 1,246,962$ At 2009!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vk09 View Post
    IF Long = Red Circle
    If Short = White Circle

    this exit strategy is not enough for all cases. because sometimes appears red or white circle just for one or two bar(M5). and then trend is going ahead. i mean that "we have to support red or white circle with another indicator. for approval right one or not. as you mentioned before "conflict of trend" is very good option for one of these.

    I also watch the other 3 indicators on the screen to verify the direction.
    I also add Bollinger Bands on the chart to confirm a trend and make sure it's not ranging.

    One other thing, I did some checking and this system also works well on weekly charts.

    Many, Many, Many pips & profits can be obtained if you have the patience to wait out a week or weekly trend!!

    We all tend to look for the instant gratification of shorter time frames but the real money is in the daily & weekly trends.

    Good luck

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    hey man,

    it's a wonderful system. thnx for dat. anyway...I would like to share with you one System which runs AWESOME. It’s a dr. James Bruitt’s system. Refer this site – maxtradingsystem.com. the system is so accurate. It costs almost $2000 for 8 hours learning videos. Its pirated copy is not available on net but, there is one guy you can get it from in just peanut price. You can reach him at neekfx at rediffmail dot com.

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    I've used your system on my demo trade for 4 month, and have some idea:
    the signal to buy or sell, always late if we wait for the pure trend or every indicator show . Sometime I ordered buy or sell and it began to reverse.
    This is a perfect system if we add fibo, bollinger and MA 34 - 55.
    This is my idea. Hope it'll help u.
    Sorry for my poor english.

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    thanks TOXIC for post this system.
    But it's very gratefull if u post your information of live account.
    this Thread have no any comment for a long time.
    anyone should post your comment to improve this system.

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    I have used this system, demo 4 month with positive results. having trade live 2 week, gain 127$. Thanks Toxic very much.

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    Hi @ all,

    i used this system for 7 days and a have doubled my account from 120 $ to 245 $. This system is the most effective tradingsystem that i ever have used.

    THX for this TOXIC

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    Quote Originally Posted by mondalsys View Post
    Hi @ all,

    i used this system for 7 days and a have doubled my account from 120 $ to 245 $. This system is the most effective tradingsystem that i ever have used.

    THX for this TOXIC
    How could u do that?
    Can u share your expreriment to use it? your lot trade?

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    Default add ha smoothed...

    hi Toxic,
    Great system

    just thought i would let you know i have added a smoothed ea that i have been working on with a arrow indicator for gaps found in bar and tails of HA's

    i have put up2 pics showing the difference.

    the first shows the origional ha
    the second is the smoothed ha with the gap indicator

    Please not a ema(7) that crosses when the trend is long or short . it helps i recon .
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