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    Another version of Custom candle that shows a timeframe overlay the current chart.

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    An indicator that display a grid with the wanted space between lines.

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    Default VSA Text

    The indicator is base on "volume spared analysis". It shows the vertical text to indicate

    Something interesting, post here-2016-10-06_224921-png

    no demand bar,
    stopping volume,
    no supply bar
    reverse upthrust.
    The indicator should use together with any kind of volume indicator and the support and resistance indicator.

    The external input parameters

    SpreadPeriod : this is for calculating the average of spread, 20 as default
    VolumePeriod : this is for calculating the average of volume, 20 as default
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    Default ant-GUBreakout

    Something interesting, post here-ant-gubreakout-png

    Indicator ant-GUBreakout highlights the extremes on the graph for a certain period of time.

    The difference between this indicator of many other similar, in that ant-GUBreakout light very easily adjusted by the market and by the time settings of your forex broker . This indicator can be easily customized not only for a certain trading session , but also to arbitrary period that you choose for yourself, for example on the basis of some statistics.

    Also in this display uses a special setting to one schedule can be installed multiple copies of the same indicator , but with different settings, it is also one of the useful and distinctive properties of this indicator .

    The graph indicator allocates 3 zone central, in the form of a gray rectangle, the extreme sides of which are built according to the time setting, the upper and lower sides of the extremes for the limited period of time. Above and below the central rectangle, there are another 2 blue, the height of which is specified in items in the setup display . At the top and bottom of the entire form, are two lines, simplifying the visual perception.

    In the upper left corner of the entire form specified maximum and minimum values ​​of the selected range, as well as the height at the points of the range.

    Indicator parameters:

    indi_number - a unique display number, several copies of the indicator in one schedule, this parameter must be different;
    GMTshift - timezone offset relative to the time GMT, in hours;
    Etpu Start - the start time of the period indicated strictly by GMT;
    End - the end of the time period specified strictly by GMT;
    DAY_NUMBER - the number of days of history, including the current one, which will be figured out light;
    the offset - the height of the upper and lower rectangles indicated in points;
    LineColor - color-extending lines;
    textcolor - color of the text in the upper left corner of each graphic form;
    boxcolor1 - the color of the central rectangle, but this color is mixed with the colors of the upper and lower regions;
    boxcolor2 - color outer areas;
    the fontsize - font size;
    line_end_hour - hour, to which the extended line;
    line_style - kind of lines:
    0 - solid,

    1 - long strokes,

    2 - short strokes,

    3 - one long and one short bar,

    4 - one long and two short bar;

    show_label - show / hide the information label in the upper left corner of each graphic form;
    show_extra_label - show / hide the name of the indicator and its version in the lower right corner of the chart.


    EURUSD Trend System Strategy

    Something interesting, post here-eurusd_trend_system-png

    EURUSD Forex Strategy Trend System is suitable for those who can spend every day for 15-20 minutes of time to put a warrant or reinstall them.

    This trading system allows you to trade on a small scale, but at the same time, to give the trade a little time to place an order or orders and stop-loss and take-profit to them, you do not even have to rearrange the stop to breakeven and use a trailing stop , since they are not provided here.

    The system is designed to trade the currency pair EUR / USD with an hour time frame . If you select another currency pair , all used indicators will need to completely reconfigure and re-test the system itself to history and to adjust to the market.

    For trade, we need:

    Moving Average indicator , with a period = 144, MA Method = Exponential , apply to = the Close , also need to install a parallel level "-35" color = gold ;
    Moving Average indicator , with a period = 169, MA Method = Exponential , apply to = the Close , also need to install a parallel level of "35" color = gold ;
    Moving Average indicator , with a period = 400, MA Method = Simple , apply to = the Close , also need to install the parallel levels of "35" and "-35", color = blue ;
    ant-GUBreakout indicator with parameters Etpu Start = 01:00, End = 05:59, the offset = 5, other options should be left as default.
    Rules for transactions for the purchase of:

    the main line of EMA indicators (144) and the EMA (169) crossed the start line of SMA indicator (400) from the bottom up, then we will only enter into transactions for the purchase;
    then waiting for the formation of another "box" indicator-GUBreakout ant , after it is formed, the highest price its central part should be above all the lines moving averages including their levels;
    after all the conditions are met, we are on the upper level of the blue rectangle, expose the pending order the Buy the Stop , with a stop-loss at the lower level of the bottom of the rectangle;
    Take Profit is calculated by the formula "range boxes + 15 points."
    If the opening of the transaction has not closed on the foot or profit to the formation of the next "box", the new orders are not exhibiting and are waiting for the closing current.

    If the pending order was not activated prior to the formation of the next "box" that this order should be removed, and then install a new one.
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    Default Quasi-Volume bars

    Something interesting, post here-2016-10-07_003400-png

    Indicator Quasi-Volume bars brings together groups of consecutive bars on the chart with approximately equal volume.

    Besides singling out groups of bars by a sketch of a rectangle, this indicator makes them stand still and the color that shows in what direction directed this group of roughly equal volumes. With the default settings, the blue color indicates an upward trend, and red accordingly - downward.

    If you have paid attention to a screenshot of the indicator , you probably have noticed that in the graph are drawn not only rectangles, but the segments above and below the rectangle.

    This "structure" should be treated according to the rules "candlestick", ie, a rectangle -.. Is the body of the candle, and the segments - a shadow of a candle. If the box is red, then this "candle" downward, and boundary of the rectangle - this is the price of opening and closing the inside of the rectangle.

    If you reduce the scale of the graph to the minimum, then the graph will be only red and blue rectangular zone indicator , and the segments turned into a shaded area and become part of the overall rectangle that can be useful to look at the big market of the period for the identification and analysis of the general current trend.

    Indicator parameters:

    The TM - the time-frame in which the indicator will be calculated, in minutes;
    1 - minute,

    5 - 5-minute,

    15 - 15 minutes,

    30 - 30 minutes,

    60 - hour,

    240 - 4-hour,

    1440 - full-time,

    10080 - weekly,

    43200 - month;

    the mode - the period for calculating and accounting for market size;
    0 - Week,

    1 month,

    2 - quarter

    3 - year;

    MAxPeriodMode - the number of displayed billing periods (mode), 0 - the whole schedule.
    In addition to standard parameters, this indicator is also present, and the ability to customize the graphic component. To do this, go to the tab " Color " in the settings menu of the indicator , and there you will have in its sole discretion can adjust the display so that it is easier for you to receive information, for example, you can make all the boxes completely solid.

    The use of trade:

    when properly configured indicator , it can and should be used to identify current trends in senior time frames, or simply on a large period of the schedule, and the opening of the transaction on a smaller time frame and rigorously towards trend.
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    Default Esignal FAT WICK {MT4}

    Something interesting, post here-fat-wick-gif

    Something interesting, post here-1-png

    Esignal FAT WICK
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    Default candle pip counter

    Something interesting, post here-gbpnzdm1-png

    candle pip counter
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    Default piramida correlation all pair's

    piramida correlation all pair's

    Something interesting, post here-multi_pairs_correlation_piramida_v2_-_normal-jpg
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    Default 30 oscillator in 1 for identify divergence


    Indicator to trade Divergence.
    To determine the divergence can select one of 30 oscillator.


    extreme peaks in the form of dots (red - the highs and yellow - a minimum);
    Divergence using segments connecting the extremes;
    support / resistance lines in the form of rays passing through the extremes;
    Channels in the form of rays.

    Choosing the right oscillator is held in the first line of entering the number of the oscillator - parameter Osc. By default, the indicator RSI (number 29).

    Selecting oscillators:

    1. Accelerator
    2. Accumulation / Distribution
    3. Average Directional Movement Index
    4. Average True Range
    5. Awesome oscillator
    6. Bears Power
    7. Bulls Power
    8. Commodity Channel Index
    9. DeMarker
    10. Force Index
    11. Momentum
    12. Money Flow Index
    13. Moving Averages Convergence / Divergence
    14. Moving Average of Oscillator
    15. On Balance Volume
    16. Relative Vigor Index
    17. Standard Deviation
    18. Stochastic Oscillator
    19. Volume
    20. Close
    21. Open
    22. High
    23. Low
    24. (H + L) / 2
    25. (H + L + C) / 3
    26. (H + L + C + C) / 4
    27. (O + C + H + L) / 4
    28. (O + C) / 2
    29. Relative Strength Index
    30. Larry Williams' Percent Range
    31. ... Relative Strength Index

    The list of parameters to adjust:

    Osc = 29 - the number of the oscillator;
    TH = true - bearish divergence;
    TL = true - a bullish divergence;
    trend = true - support / resistance lines;
    convergen = true - hidden divergence;
    Complect = 1 - the distinguishing index of the indicator on the chart;
    BackSteph = 0 - number of steps backwards h;
    BackStepl = 0 - number of steps back l;
    BackStep = 0 - number of steps backward;
    qSteps = 1 - the number of displayed steps, not more than three;
    LevDPl = 5 - level points DeMark (2 = central bar will be above (below) the two bars on the left);
    LevDPr = 1 - level points DeMark (2 = central bar will be above (below) the two bars on the right);
    period = 8 - period for iADX, iATR, iBearsPower, iBullsPower, iCCI, iDeMarker, iForce, iMomentum, iMFI, iRVI, iStdDev, iRSI, iRSI, iWPR;
    ma_method = 0 - averaging method for iStochastic, iStdDev, iForce;
    ma_shift = 0 - the average for the shift iStdDev;
    applied_price = 4 - price type for iRSI, iRSI, iStdDev, iOBV, iOsMA, iMACD, iMomentum, iForce, iCCIiBullsPower, iBearsPower, iADX;
    mode = 0 - the index of the line for iStochastic, iRVI, iMACD, iADX;
    fast_ema_period = 12 - the average for the period of rapid iOsMA, iMACD;
    slow_ema_period = 26 - the period for slow average iOsMA, iMACD;
    signal_period = 9 - the period of the signal line to iOsMA, iMACD;
    Kperiod = 13 - K for the period of line iStochastic;
    Dperiod = 5 - D line for the period iStochastic;
    slowing = 3 - moderation iStochastic;
    price_field = 0 - the type of prices for iStochastic;
    showBars = 1000 - if = 0, the indicator is shown for the entire chart;
    Trend_Down = true - the line resistance;
    Trend_Up = true - line support;
    TrendLine = true - support / resistance lines;
    HandyColour = true;
    Highline = Red - the color channel HL;
    Lowline = DeepSkyBlue - color channel LL;
    ChannelLine = false - channels in parallel trend lines;
    Trend = 0 - 1 = only UpTrendLines, -1 = only DownTrendLines, 0 = all TrendLines;
    Channel = false - channels;
    Regression = true - channel linear regression, false - the standard deviation of the channel;
    RayH = true - beam channel High;
    RayL = true - beam channel Low;
    ChannelH = Red - the color channel High;
    ChannelL = DeepSkyBlue - color channel Low;
    STD_widthH = 1.0 - sets the size of the deviation for the object CHANNEL High;
    STD_widthL = 1.0 - sets the size of the deviation for the object CHANNEL Low;
    comment = false - Displays comments;
    code = 159 - Code for the Wingdings font symbol to denote the extrema;
    BuyStop = false - levels BuyStop;
    SellLimit = false - levels SellLimit;
    SellStop = false - levels SellStop;
    BuyLimit = false - levels BuyLimit.


    Color oscillator and extreme points of customizable tab Colors.
    When installing more than one indicator to the chart to change parameters Complect.
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    Pearson indicator to monitor several pairs strength.

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