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    Var mov avg.

    Something interesting, post here-var-mov-avg-gif

    This indicator is based on the moving average, but it doesn't use any standard MT4/MT5 moving average indicators. It uses its own formula to calculate the moving average with a complex noise filter to produce more accurate signals. The indicator displays dotted line in the main chart window exactly over the price curve. The changing colors of the dots signal trend changes. The indicator shows signals on chart (yellow dots by default higher/below price), and also can signal sound alerts on trend changes; you can turn them on and off.

    When the dots are pink, the price is in the downtrend. When the dots are blue, the price is in the uptrend. BUY when pink changes to blue and SELL when blue changes to pink. These moments are marked by yellow dots. If the yellow dot is above the price, this is a signal to SELL. If the yellow dot is below the price, this is a signal to BUY. Use moderate Stop Loss to protect yourself from false signals.
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    Heiken Ashi SSAep.

    Something interesting, post here-heiken-ashi-ssa-gif

    SSA means Singular Spectrum Analysis.

    Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA) is a method that takes all the variability in a series and breaks it into a few oscillation patterns that we refer to as eigenvectors. It also gives a measure of significance of these patterns or eigenvalues.

    “Eigen” is a German word, which roughly translates to “characteristic”. Eigenvectors are structure functions that best represent the modes of behavior in price. The eigenvalues are a measure of the variance that these modes account for.

    The eigenvectors can be ordered by eigenvalue, highest to lowest, so that the first few patterns retain most of the variance in the data. The ordered eigenvalues are referred to collectively as the Singular Spectrum.

    SSA_Normalize uses the component that accounts for most of the variability in the data; it is the lower frequency component.

    After that it generates a period of normalization that results into a moving average.

    SSA is an universal oscillator, it can emulate every possible oscillator.
    The original Heiken Ashi for comparison :

    Something interesting, post here-heiken-ashi-ori-gif
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    Heiken Ashi Smoothed to compare.

    Heiken Ashi Smoothed v2 has disappeared from the web. This is here the last working version known.

    Something interesting, post here-heiken-ashi-smoothed-gif
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    Vortex oscillator.

    Something interesting, post here-vortex-oscillator-gif
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobby34 View Post
    Vol Synthetic VIX.

    this index is so important on fundamental analysis

    thanks very much Bobby34

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    Default quick symbol changer

    quick symbol changer

    Something interesting, post here-jjjjjjjj-jpg
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    Default GANN SPIRAL


    Something interesting, post here-c-png
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    Default custom background mt4

    custom background mt4

    here is an indicator which paints a gradient background with two custom colors.

    the variables are:

    topcol, bottomcol: this are the two colors you can use to generate your gradient background. the string variable represents the color components like rrr,ggg,bbb for red, green and blue. please use only numbers between 000 - 255

    step variable is the step of the gradient. the higher the value the more flow is between the colors.

    try a little bit to mix your colors and have fun with it

    Something interesting, post here-eurusdm1-jpg
    Something interesting, post here-2016-06-08_172832-jpg
    Something interesting, post here-2016-06-08_172806-jpg
    Something interesting, post here-gbpjpym1effwe-jpg
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    Default М & W Wave Patterns by Merrill {MT5}

    This technical indicator shows М & W Wave Patterns by Merrill and support/resistance levels drawn at extreme points of the standard ZigZag indicator. A. Merrill classified five-pointed shapes based on the order of the points from top to bottom, and created an orderly classification model M & W Waves. Here they are:

    The dynamic pattern by A. Merrill is the pattern that can vary over time. The dynamic pattern is on the first four right zigzag rays. In this indicator all patterns are considered dynamic. To provide this condition, the concept of mutation of waves was artificially introduced (see below) and the algorithm of the classic Zigzag indicator was slightly modified.

    As for the core of the extreme search algorithm - Zigzag, this algorithm is a "temporary (quick) decision" and certainly requires replacement. Since most of the errors are associated with pattern detection NOPATTERN (see in enum NamePattern in the MyCPattern.mqh file) - this is an error of the search engine.

    Evolution and Mutation of Waves
    Evolution - change of the dynamic pattern, which still stays in the same wave family. Evolution of M-Wave patterns:
    Note: Prediction algorithm considers that a mutation results in the youngest shape of the evolution, and the evolution/mutation counter is aware of the possible nonsequential mutation/evolution. For example, mutation in the middle and senior shape. This is achieved by selecting specific values in the bit-mask enum NamePattern (see MyCPattern.mqh). If you want to use the evolution/mutation counter - do not change enum NamePattern.

    Indicator operation:
    This indicator shows М & W Wave Patterns by Merrill and support/resistance levels on a chart. The indicator is recalculated on each new history bar (to save CPU time when rendering objects). The names of all objects are pseudo-random. The indicator calculates the predicted price movements based on the expectations of a private (serial) evolution/mutation of waves. the indicator includes a counter of pattern model efficiency.

    Something interesting, post here-fivepattern__3-png

    Something interesting, post here-w-wave-jpg Something interesting, post here-w-wave-jpg

    Something interesting, post here-evolution_m_wave-jpg
    Something interesting, post here-evolution_w_wave-jpg
    Something interesting, post here-mutation_m_in_w-jpg
    Something interesting, post here-mutation_w_in_m-jpg

    Current version:
    Test version 1.02:

    Search engine, classic Zigzag;

    Prediction model: level 0 (sequential evolution/mutation);

    Model counter: level 0 (Algorithm: "I count only what I see, I don't know what was before...". Statistics is displayed after the 11th shape appears).

    For the organization of trade with this indicator recommend the following:

    1). Use only ORDER_STOP_LIMIT

    2). For buy-order use patterns: M1, M3, M5, M7, M9, M12, M14;

    3). For sell-order use patterns: W3, W5, W8, W10, W12, W14, W16;

    4). price for buy / sell = point E;

    5). take profit = point Mutation;

    6). stop loss = point Evolution, if (point Evolution == 0) use fixed stop loss
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    TrendWave can help to determine peaks.

    Something interesting, post here-trendwave-gif
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