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Thread: My MTF Triple Stochastic

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    Default My MTF Triple Stochastic

    My MTF Triple Stochastic indi

    Calc 0=SMA 1=SMMA 2=EMA 3=LWMA
    Tf (Timeframe) 0=current..1=1m...2=5m...3=15m..etc
    Mode 0 = Low/High 1=Close/Close

    My MTF Triple Stochastic-mtf_3stoch-gif
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    I was badly looking for this Indicator. when i use it it caused my MT4 to hang and never open again. I think there is something wrong in code or configuration can anyone help me correct it so it will be usable by Mt4. or if it require speciall setting would you please show me how to use, configure it. thanks in advance

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