Could you help me funyoo?

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Thread: Could you help me funyoo?

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    Smile Could you help me funyoo?

    hi funyoo

    i found two indicator that is useful to me for trading and i want to improve my system whit some else indicator to filtering signal of this two indicator
    and for making chart free space for trading i need a custom indicator that can make alarm when those take signal

    let's me to start who get signal buy and sell
    1 qqe
    2 Trend power
    when lines of qqe cross each other example thick line cross another line to down and line of trend power was below-0.002 we have sell signal and overhand this for buy
    i gota some pic for making clearly for u
    it works on m5 also i want this alarm for h4 but in there trendpower most be up 0.14 for buy and down -0.14 for sell
    alarm be a flesh that appear in the closing candel that every condition was true also whith song and message
    configuration of indicators
    qqe smoothing= 10 all the rest by default
    Trend power by default

    tnx for your best doing in here and plz help me
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    anyboudy can help me?

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    Default Hi

    This is my first post. I am making a Ea based on QQE. I need a powerfull indicator to avoid noises, because QQE has very good Results. I will tell you if it has been done.

    Sorry for my English

    Greetings from Iran

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    The best method I know is to trade only on higher time frames at least H1 or as I prefer H4. Believe me you will always stay away from broker whipsaws.
    As on H4, you would need to peek at your screen only once in 4 hrs.

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Could you help me funyoo?

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