Full Coding for VSA & VPA (MT4 Codes)

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Thread: Full Coding for VSA & VPA (MT4 Codes)

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    Default Full Coding for VSA & VPA (MT4 Codes)

    Im coding this a few time now, and it is finaly finished!
    This is a try to conver tradeguider to MT4....I also recoded VPA.afl
    code to MT4! This is definitely my best code ever, and it kicks ass.
    I posted this on MQL4 site, and I was banned after 15 minutes.....
    I wonder why...lol....
    Also take a note that this is a first full VSA system for MT4!!!

    VSAŠ Better&TickSeparatVolumeH istogram.ex4
    This code shows Better volume.....and also shows tick difference by orange histogram(diff between buy and sell tick volume).
    I think that the rest (textual part is self explanatiory)

    VSAŠTickDifferenceSignals &Divergence.ex4
    This code also looks at the tick volume differences.....but this time it looks
    only the difference at the current bar....if the up volume is double the size
    of the down volume it gives you a signal for buy(green), and if down volume is double the size of the up volume it is a sell signal(red)....
    I have done some statistics and more of the 65% times when this scenario happens the trend will continue(next bar) in the same way!!!
    Divergence is another doted line, and it shows a div between volume and price acording to the VSA rules!

    VSAŠ Spread&WickHistogram.ex4
    This one is simple and it shows you a bar position(upper dots) on top of
    white histogram. Lower lime and red histogram shows you a wick size.
    Doted gray line is average spread!

    This is a conver from VPA.afl to MT4....it is the one in upper corner of the chart(textual) with pure Volume and price analysis with explanations of the bars!!!

    I also attached a VPA text for you to understand how to trade this!

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    Hi FOREXflash,

    Thanks for sharing your work,

    That's very impressive!

    I have already tried to trade this system in the past but without any success. It requires a lot of patience.

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    Here...I made a nice trial for the next week.
    I pretty sure you guys will like it, there is no more bugs in code!


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    VOLUME SPREAD ANALYSIS (VSA) is used successfully in the stock market. Read about VSA HERE. The article shows a forex example. There is a debate that VSA doesn't work for Forex because Forex is NOT a consolidated market and dealers would NOT give you accurate tick/volume data because you could then determine their volume flow. Finally, SMART MONEY is not trading with retail brokers.

    A more in depth read on VSA can be found HERE

    Others have coded indicators for VSA.

    Someone sent me this LINK.

    Stopping Volume Pattern (Emini 5 minute)

    Professional profit taking is occurring when the following conditions are met:

    * Volume is greater than the previous bar's volume
    * Range is less than the previous bar's range
    * A new high is made (in an uptrend) or a new low (in a downtrend), and
    * Closes off the highs (in an uptrend) or off the lows (in a downtrend)

    The reduction in the bar's range is the real key. It shows that additional selling (in an uptrend) or additional buying (in a downtrend) is keeping the bar's range low. So Professional traders are taking profits and/or "fading" the current trend.

    You will almost always see Stopping Volume patterns leading up to a market turning point. However, if the trend is strong it might take several Stopping Volume patterns in a row to slow the trend. Remember, most turning points are Stopping Volume patterns, but not all Stopping Volume patterns are turning points!

    I modified and created some volume spread analysis indicators ( SEE CHARTS ABOVE )

    You are on the internet - If you (google) search for it, you'll probably find it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FOREXflash View Post
    Here...I made a nice trial for the next week.
    I pretty sure you guys will like it, there is no more bugs in code!

    Thanks forexflash...

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    Dear TheRumpledOne The code looked real nice, is it possible I could have a modified copied Full Coding for VSA & VPA (MT4 Codes). I sure appricated. Thank for your time and consideration. Keep up the good work.
    Ps. My email: saigonke@yahoo.com. Thank again !

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    My MT4 can not read ex4 files.

    Any reason for this?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Is this still a live thread?

    Best regards

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    thanks bro

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Full Coding for VSA & VPA (MT4 Codes)

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