2 Bar Reversal indicator
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Thread: 2 Bar Reversal indicator

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    Hi , yes the 2 bar reversal is top, I think Funyoo has given up or may be busy with other EA's, if you read the above tread I did try it out but it needed adjustment and was waiting to see if Funyoo can do it,

    I use it all the time its great way to may pips, but a EA would be even better.

    Funyoo can you please help us out here......please

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    What is the preferred timeframe and pairs?

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    My preferred time frame is 1hr or 4hr, higher the time frame the stronger the signal, lower the time frame you get lots of false signals.

    works on any pairs, My preferred pair is EUR/USD

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    Its a nice idea, try filtering it with a 200 EMA on close.

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    Hi forex1one

    any update on the EA so far

    have you been using it on live trades?


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    Default Hi forex1one.

    Do you have indicator for Marketscope?

    Quote Originally Posted by forex1one View Post
    Hi Funyoo,

    Just to let you know, I will be adding more indicators, but one step at a time, I want to test and make sure it works as I want it, then if all indicators are doing the right thing, you can turn it into a EA, I have been doing a lot of research on this, and manual trading is going well.

    Thank you very much for your time, I know your a busy man,


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    It is very simple strategy if the price does not touch dash line and price goes lower then false signal,
    buy arrow can come off, if price touches dash line then is a valid signal and arrow stays on.

    forex trading
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2 Bar Reversal indicator