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Thread: Archive of 1000 Forex indicators

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    4 eBooks about FIBONACCI theory:

    - William N. Goetzmann - Fibonacci and the Financial Revolution
    - Jen Matshall - Practical Fibonacci Methode For Forex Trading
    - Bill Poulos The Truth About Fibonacci Trading
    - Alex Douglas-Fibonacci.The Man & the Markets

    download here >>>

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    This happens to be my first post here. I'd like to say you're doing a really great job: so willing to help and providing such a huge wealth of quality stuff all for free.
    Thanks man.

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    Default 1000 Indicators,

    Thanks for your efforts.. I have downloaded a lot of the indicators that you have posted (and on your website).

    Do you test these yourself, and if so, what have you found that is consistent ?

    FunYoo - You have achieved something special with your site...very well done..

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    Not, I don't test its, because my trading system doesn't have special indicators

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    I added 7 new forex systems

    Simple Stepping into Position
    63 EMA breakout
    3 white soldiers / 3 black crows
    MACD Divergence
    Trend trading with EMAs
    here >>>

    and Monthly Technical Analysis (June 2009) here >>>

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    Some EA from Automated Trading Championship 2008
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    Point & Figure Inidcator for MetaTrader

    Point & Figure charts allow you to see the movement of a currency in terms of price rather than time, which is what we’re used to with candlesticks etc. When price moves a pre-determined amount of pips a new box is drawn and if it moves against us a pre-determined amount of pips boxes are then drawn in the oppoiste direction.
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Archive of 1000 Forex indicators

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