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Thread: TrueTL - True Trendline Indicator

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    Default TrueTL - True Trendline Indicator

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    Our website has been updated: some of you asked us for an example strategy. Please check it out under the "Example" menu.

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    Follow me on Twitter: @TrueTrendline
    I’m gonna share some things, and example entry positions.

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    Together with our strategic partner we are working on a full blast of the trendline alert indicator. There will be many options in it.
    Three types of alert case: break before close, break after close, trendline approach.
    Four types of alert mode: email, popup, sound, pictogram on the chart.
    For each option separately switchable and customisable.
    Coming soon in the first week of January.

    Until then, have a good testing - with TrueTL’s testing-ability - and a Merry Christmas too.

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    Make an EA for it, offer Elite members here a two week trial and that would be great!


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    I use this and I'm more than happy with it, although not a trading system in itself - it's the best trendline indictor I've come across - I use it for confirmation etc

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    I'm afraid of fully automated EA, I'm using my indicator for easier, and prudent manual trade.

    I was thinking a lot about the demo version. In my opinion, the 30-day period is not a serious amount of money. I show you everything in detail in my video and example pictures and in my blog. 30 days is need to experience how useful in your existing trading system or what modification is required.

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    The Highly Anticipated Alert Indicator is Released!

    You can find more information on the website.

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    I like the music...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ElectricSavant View Post
    I like the music...
    Oh, thank you That's my original profession.

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