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    The idea is to let the EA close a prior manual opened position on a MA cross. (5M)

    I use a 181 simple ma to determine the trend, or trend change.
    I use a 21 Wilders smoothing ma to keep me in the direction of the trend.

    When the price closes in the opposed of my direction I close the position.
    When I me confident of a strong trend I keep the 181 ma as trend direction: if it closes under the 181 ma, I close my position.

    I want to be able to set the EA on a position I manual opened, so if price breaks the ma the EA closes the position.

    Parameters for the EA:

    M. Number
    Close on ma period: True/ False (181)
    Close on ma period: True/ False (21) (based on my own judgment of the chart I can choose which one I want to follow)
    Close on bar close: True/ False
    Close on bar open: True/ False

    Greetings Dave

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    where the EA?

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Close on cross