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    Default Backtest: 99% Quality

    Something i found which looks quite interesting:

    MT4 Tick data | Birt's EA review

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    nice info...
    there is always an easy way... so keep it simple.

    Trading Simple for free...

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    We have precise tick data for 8 brokers. See the full list of data here.

    We provide ask&bid quots so you can even test your strategy with floating spread.

    Advantages of our data service in comparison with other data sources:

    1) Quality and reliability of data. Our historical data are exactly same with data which you saw on your screen in the past.
    You can ensure in that by downloading “data samples”:
    1-minute data sample
    Tick data sample
    We can also provide you with another data samples by your request, please feel free to contact us.
    2) High precision of data:
    a. 5-digits data
    b. Tick data
    c. Floating spread
    3) Convenience. We will provide you with a program which allows importing data directly into your MT4 terminal. So you do not have to import data manually, the program will do all “dirty work” for you.
    4) Our data service saves your time. You do not have to search for data in the web, download/unzip/import files so you can spend your time on things that are much more important.
    5) We’re up to date. Our database is updated every day so you can download “yesterday’s” data.
    6) A large range of data, we have quots for more than 30 trading instruments and 9 brokers. See details on this page.

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    I have a program which allows to download 1,5 years of good M1 and tick data from different brokers and automatically import these data into MT4, you can download the program here:
    see the list of available data here:
    Forex Tester Software - Full data list
    to download data you have to be subscribed to the data service, you can buy the subscription here:
    Forex Tester - Data Service
    you can also download 1 "Trial" month of data

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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Backtest: 99% Quality