Or M10, H2, H3 charts :

You can create a second chart with this script or another one that gives offline chart. And then follow this guide to backtest a code on this offline chart :

1. go to the c:\Program Files\Metatrader\history folder. You should see subfolders with
trading servers feeds.
2. make a new subfolder with the name CRB
3. go to one of your trading servers folders ( folder should be in history\xxxx_server) and
copy the following files into history\CRB folder:
- symbols.raw
- symbols.sel
- symgroups.raw
- ticks.raw
- 1 min data, e.g. EURUSD1.hst, GBPUSD1.hst, USDCHF1.hst, etc
4. start Metatrader and manually log in into account but write CRB in the server field, off
course there will be no connection.
5. restart Metatrader to clean its preloaded data (you should see Waiting for update on all
charts except 1 min).
6. drop CRB script on 1 min chart but now select a standard TimeFrame to generate, for
example 5 min.
7. Now you can backtest.
More : How to backtest Renko? @ Forex Factory

I don't know yet if you can apply a such script on Dukascopy data to get a longer duration for the test.