Got stuck on my EA (ADX,PSAR)
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Thread: Got stuck on my EA (ADX,PSAR)

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    Default Got stuck on my EA (ADX,PSAR)

    Hello everyone,

    I have been following this forum for a while now as I recently started to get into MQL4 and I am currently working on my first EA. As you can guess, this is not working out too well (which was the reason I decided to finally sign up and simply ask for help). Right now, my guess is that I got a logic error in my code which I am simply not able to identify. Of course I tried commenting out some of the conditions to open a buy/sell order, but it won't open any order.

    Signals for SendOrder:
    - check for signal of ADX
    -- buy: adx_plus > adx_minus
    -- sell: adx_plus < adx_minus
    - confirm by PSAR
    -- buy: PSAR < current price
    -- sell: PSAR > current price
    - check for ADX strength > 20
    - filter: last period PSAR compared to current PSAR
    -- buy: PSAR_filter > current PSAR
    -- sell: PSAR_filter < current PSAR
    - check if no Orders are open yet (therefore automatically limit total orders to 1)

    - select open positions
    - split by Magic Numbers (assigned when opening orders)
    - trail StopLoss based on PSAR and ATR
    -- buy: new StopLoss = PSAR+ATR
    -- sell: new StopLoss = PSAR-ATR

    I originally intended to let it trade only once per Bar, but I commented it out for the moment as the code is not working at all.

    What I already tried:
    - once per bar part commented out (currently the case)
    - less conditions to fullfill
    - lower conditions (e.g. strength of ADX_main signal to > 1)
    - rephrased NormalizedDouble for my StopLoss and TakeProfit
    - proof-read if I find any mistakes I have in my logic

    Long story short: All didn't work. Is anybody able to tell me where I went wrong? Or what I did that I cannot do? I somehow have the feeling by now, that my structure is not done properly and I need to divide it up a bit into separated functions. Not to forget: This is on MT4 and written in MQL4.

    Thank you in advance
    - Chris
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Got stuck on my EA (ADX,PSAR)