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    Default Thanks for your efforts

    Quote Originally Posted by bt2 View Post
    Had another play. It looked like there was a function defined inside the start function, but then there was an if() function just below the //functions label.

    Did some cut & pastes to where I guess they might fit.
    Took magicnumber out of data going to countorders function. The function is only expecting 1 thing to be sent to it, thats Type.
    Oh - changed name to CountedOrders only cause I was guessing at the problem.

    Does compile now, but with 4 warnings:
    Function "CheckForExistingHedge" is not referenced and will be removed from exp-file (I think the compiler means ex4 file)
    Function "AreHedgeAndOriginalAtBreakeven" is not referenced and will be removed from exp-file
    Function "HedgeTrade" is not referenced and will be removed from exp-file
    Function "DetermineTrendDirection" is not referenced and will be removed from exp-file
    0 error(s), 4 warning(s)

    Up to you to add bits in to call these functions from where you want to.
    At the moment they are basicly redundant code, but I suspect you will want to use them.

    Also carved back the error printing line to real basic, cause it is trying to call a function that puts the error text up, but you haven't got that function coded. Sorry couldn't find it among my junk. I have it somewhere.

    Interested in how this progresses as an ea. Have learnt heaps trying to track the errors, thanks for the opportunity to play with your ea.

    Ops just about forgot to post the edited ea.

    cheers bt2
    Thanks bt2 and nabelion for your assistance.

    Bt2, you really tried in bring down the errors to just 4 warnings.

    The maxorder seem not to be working. When I ran your edited version it still opened more than 3 orders per pair I specified in the maxorder. What I want is for the ea to open a specified number of x orders per pair rather than opening 12 or more orders per pair.

    As for the 4 functions warnings maybe the attached ea might be of help. That is where I copied from the functions and hedging codes I pasted in the ea. Can you please take a look at it and see what I did wrong.

    Once again, thanks for your efforts.
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    If you're still looking for EA Builder, you should check out StrategyTune. It's free visual EA Builder.
    Site is strategytune.com

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    I am a bit new in coding area, could anyone help me understand how to use this site. I simply just want to convert my fractal indicator into an ea. Please.

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    Default builders

    I mean I went through this thread and found links to two ea builders sw . First one I am not sure where to start. Do I have to do lots of copy and pasting and the other one does not have a way to load your desire indicator, but still a great gift.

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    If that works it would be good. But, would it work even if you want to use different methods or indicators in your ea? Or just 1?

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    Thanks for sharing.Will try it out.Nevertheless I dont know how to programme An EA.I only look at already written ones to see how they are written.Can anybody help me with one I'm trying to put together.Many thanks for prompt response

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    And if you're still looking for an EA builder, see EA Builder Reviews | Indicator Builder Reviews. There, you'll find 17 Expert Advisor builders and the list is continually updated. Please feel free to post a review. This will help other traders who find themselves in the same situation.

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