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    Default Profitable EA

    I have attached a very profitable ea.

    It does hedge and martingale so you should have large equity and use small lot sizes.

    I am looking to have some modifications made to make it even more profitable so if any programmer can help....

    Basic description

    This ea is using a hedgeing/martingale grid strategy, where it buys at fixed increment levels above the starting price and sells at fixed increment levels below the starting price.

    It does this by placing pending orders.

    The number of increment levels and the gap between the levels is defined by input parameters in the ea.

    The way the stoploss and takeprofit is determined for both the buy and sell positions is that when price reaches that level, all open positions are closed at the same time. All pending orders are deleted. And then the grid restarts.

    So for example, if you have grid with the starting price at 0, 3 increment levels of 20 pips each, the tp/sl will be at 80 pips above and below starting price regardless of the price at which the position was opened.

    Modifications 1.

    I would like an input parameter where i can change the level for tp/sl by adding extra pips.

    (ie currently if i have 3 levels with 20 pip gap the tp price=4x20, i want tpprice = (4x20)+X)

    Mod 2

    Once the ea is started, all pending orders should have the same fixed value sl/tp. This sl/tp price should be based on the first set of pending orders which are placed.

    At the moment due to variable spreads, some pending orders are placed with sl/tp different to the rest of the orders.


    There is an input parameter for continueing the grid once a sequence has closed.

    If this is set to false, once the sequence has closed, no new grid starts but the pending orders ea placed are left dangling.
    Remove all dangling orders.


    When a sequence closes, before a new sequence can start, all pending orders must be deleted.

    When a sequence closes, should start deleting pending orders beginning with those closest to the current price.

    Generally need to speed up closing of pending orders.

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    Your EA is just amazing ! i try it and is very good for a long term ! can you advice me about the setting please ?


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