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    Hi all

    i am trying to write an EA .. I Have no enough experience to do that . i am in need to your help

    this is BUY ORDER's code

    int BuyOrderTicket = OrderSend(Symbol(), OP_BUY, Lots, Ask, slip, Ask - (InitialStop*Point), Ask + (TakeProfit*Point),

    and this is the SELL ORDER's code

    int SellOrderTicket = OrderSend(Symbol(), OP_SELL, Lots, Bid, slip, Bid + (InitialStop*Point), Bid - (TakeProfit*Point),

    does anyone here can write another code to close SELL ORDER when BUY ORDER closed. they should be closed at the same time

    nothe it is important that the SELL ORDER still open untill BUY ORDER closed

    thanx in advance


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    Dear Funyoo ... are you here ??? ... help me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Options Trader View Post
    Dear Funyoo ... are you here ??? ... help me
    Hi Options Trader,

    The code have to count the buy orders :

    Close sell if buy orders = 0 :

             if(OrderSymbol()==Symbol() && OrderMagicNumber()==magic && OrderType()==OP_SELL){
    Count function :

    int count(int type,int magic){
       int cnt;cnt=0;
       for(int i=0;i<OrdersTotal();i++){
          if(OrderSymbol()==Symbol() && OrderType()==type && ((OrderMagicNumber()==magic)||magic==0)){

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BUY &amp; SELL .. Help