Can someone fix this code , beacuse it just wont start working !

The rule is very simple based on Gann Hi-Lo
Price crosses above Gann -> buy
Price crosses below Gann -> sell

Standard: Open price of the current bar

Buy Condition 1:
If (current_open_price>gann) And { if (last_close_price<=gann)
=> buy at current_open_price

Buy Condition 2:
If (current_open_price>gann) And { if (last_close_price>gann) and If (last_open_price<=gan) }
=> buy at current_open_price

Sell Condition 1:
If (current_open_price<gann) And { if (last_close_price>=gann)
=> sell at current_open_price

Sell Condition 2:
If (current_open_price<gann) And { if (last_close_price<gann) And If (last_open_price>=gan) }
=> sell at current_open_price

I have other rules for TP and SL but I have to first make this one runnable before I add in any other complicated stuff!!!

EA Gann HiLo.mq4
Gann Hi-lo Activator SSL.mq4