Add a pop-up alert to an indicator
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Thread: Add a pop-up alert to an indicator

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    Default please help me with sound alert

    Quote Originally Posted by adnankhan View Post
    Hi, thanks for the useful info but unfortunately i am still not able to fix the problem for myself. Could you help me with the following code? i can see that alert is already there but its not working. and when i tried with it, it is bombing alerts and are not in the right time. actually it will send an alert with every single price change. please if you could do it for me

    #property indicator_chart_window
    #property indicator_buffers 2
    #property indicator_color1 Lime
    #property indicator_color2 Red
    #define SH_BUY 1
    #define SH_SELL -1

    //---- Входные параметры
    extern int AllBars=0;//How many bars should be counted. 0 - all the bars.
    extern int Otstup=17;//Step back.
    extern double Per=13;//Period.
    extern string
    Alert_Setting = "---------- Alert Setting";
    extern bool
    EnableNativeAlerts = true;
    extern string
    SoundFilename = "alert.wav";

    int SH,NB,i,UD,x=0,y=0,a=0,b=0;
    double R,SHMax,SHMin;
    double BufD[];
    double BufU[];
    //| Функция инициализации |
    int init()
    //We will write the number of the bars for which we are counting to the NB
    if (Bars<AllBars+Per || AllBars==0) NB=Bars-Per; else NB=AllBars;
    SetIndexDrawBegin(0,Bars-NB);//This indicator will be shown for NB bar only
    ArrayInitialize(BufD,0.0);//Give a lot of "zero" to the buffe. Otherwise it will be garbage during the changing of time frame.
    //| Функция деинициализации |
    int deinit()
    //| Собсна индикатор |
    int start()
    int CB=IndicatorCounted();
    /* It is the optimization option. We have the function here which restore/return the number of counted bars in very special way.
    During the first indicator's call we have 0: it is normal because it was not counted anything,
    and then we receive the number of bars minus 1. For example, if the number of bars equal 100,
    we will have 99. I did it especially, you may see that NB is the number of bars whioch should be counted.
    You know we may throw out this parameter. But for the people who understand we may keep it. So, during the first call
    of indicator this NB is the same one but during the 2dn etc calls - reducing the value up to the last bar,
    That is 1 or 2 for example*/
    if(CB<0) return(-1); else if(NB>Bars-CB) NB=Bars-CB;
    for (SH=1;SH<NB;SH++)//comb out the chart from 1 to NB
    for (R=0,i=SH;i<SH+10;i++) {R+=(10+SH-i)*(High[i]-Low[i]);} R/=55;

    SHMax = High[Highest(NULL,0,MODE_HIGH,Per,SH)];
    SHMin = Low[Lowest(NULL,0,MODE_LOW,Per,SH)];

    if (Close[SH]>SHMax-(SHMax-SHMin)*Otstup/100 && UD!=SH_BUY) { BufD[SH]=High[SH]+R*0.5;
    if (Close[SH]>SHMax-(SHMax-SHMin)*Otstup/100 && UD!=SH_BUY) UD=SH_BUY;
    if (Close[SH]>SHMax-(SHMax-SHMin)*Otstup/100 && UD!=SH_BUY) y=0;//x=x+1;


    if (Close[SH]<SHMin+(SHMax-SHMin)*Otstup/100 && UD!=SH_SELL) { BufU[SH]=Low[SH]-R*0.5;
    if (Close[SH]<SHMin+(SHMax-SHMin)*Otstup/100 && UD!=SH_SELL)UD=SH_SELL;
    if (Close[SH]<SHMin+(SHMax-SHMin)*Otstup/100 && UD!=SH_SELL) x=0;//y=y+1;


    //----------------------- ALERT ON UP / DOWN DOT

    string AlertComment;

    if(UD==SH_BUY && x==1) Alert(Symbol(), " - ", "BUY - UP DIRECTION !");
    if(UD==SH_BUY && x==1) Alert(AlertComment);
    if(UD==SH_BUY && x==1) PlaySound(SoundFilename);
    if(UD==SH_BUY && x==1) x=x+1;

    if(UD==SH_SELL && y==1) Alert(Symbol(), " - ", "SELL - DOWN DIRECTION !");
    if(UD==SH_SELL && y==1) Alert(AlertComment);
    if(UD==SH_SELL && y==1) PlaySound(SoundFilename);
    if(UD==SH_SELL && y==1) y=y+1;


    //----------------------- END FUNCTION
    please can i get an alert sound
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    i know nothing about programming,
    can you please do it for me on the super trend indicator.
    i want to get an alert whenever the colour of the line changes.
    thank you in advance.
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Add a pop-up alert to an indicator