Lots Multiplier( help Please)
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Thread: Lots Multiplier( help Please)

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    Thanks for the help and the effort that u placed in helping me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    Do u know of any good EA that I can use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kennyhubbard View Post
    PHP Code:
    double Get_Lots() 

    OrderProfit() < 0)double lLots OrderLots() *  Lot_Increment
    lLots Lots
    lLots Lots
    lLots Max_Lots)lLots Lots;//<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    Just add the extra line to limit the max lots that you desire. You need to define Max_Lots at the beginning of the program, probably an extern variable is best.
    I do not know how to code
    Please Could you Explain in detail this code from extern int. to end or where to start from?
    Will be Easy for every one to apply this code in any ea

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    【Max_Lots】 means the maximum lots you can trade is less then 2 lots , that means from the beginning 0.1 lots up to 1.6 only 。 four times changes only。 after that it will trade from the beginning 0.1 lots again if the trading still losing。

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Lots Multiplier( help Please)