(REQ) Code mod for bogie hedgehog v4f  Ea
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Thread: (REQ) Code mod for bogie hedgehog v4f Ea

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    Default (REQ) Code mod for bogie hedgehog v4f Ea

    can someone modify this free expert so it works on yen pairs aswell

    I think it is to do with coding for decimal places...also i believe ther is a version 4g if someone could share

    kind regards
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    Any takers on this?

    Can someone please modify this expert code for correct digits so it will work on yen pairs for all brokers ie,5 digit alpari.

    Also if you are interested i have been running this live on AUDCAD M5 with super results.

    Also USDCHF is good until the market moves against the progression.

    If one could write code to allow hedge at x no. of pips from first order say by a percentage or multiplier of initial lot size but also with a tp and sl or even better so that the hedge is closed at open order price(hedge open order price) technically break even of hedge order! in the event the price returns to correct direction.

    The hedge must be looped so it continually opens at x pips from initial lot in the event it is closed so that the expert can never theoretically blow account .

    I have been manually hedging when the price moves against the progression
    on the usdchf but it would be great to have an auto hedge with BE of hedge order only that continually places orders in the event of BE of hedge order at 'x' pips from initial lot size

    kind regards

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(REQ) Code mod for bogie hedgehog v4f  Ea