Free coding for your trading system..
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Thread: Free coding for your trading system..

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    Default Ret Alpha Pro and Brijon 2ff


    The Alpha Pro has never been made into an EA....According to the indicator open an entry when the signal reaches 89, place +-50 pips and add a trailing start, stop....For the Brijon the author never could add the additional position averages...For ex. if the initial order(s) go against you 75 pips for example, then 1 or more positions should open....Also change the sell color to "red" instead of "blue"...See if it can go live....

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hello theforexgeek

    Are you still offering Free EA coding? I'm very new to EA's but find the concept fascinating. I hope to write my own programmes one day but at the moment it all looks like Japanese to me!......and I'm not from

    I just need a simple strategy that will make a small amount of money each day!!! So in the first instance my idea was something simple that followed price on say the EUR/USD (low cost) by buying and selling at the same time (a hedging type system) say every 15 pips.
    First place Buy order for 1 and a Sell order for 1, each time price moves say 15 pips, take the profit and enter another Buy & Sell for 1 (this might be a flawed strategy) for e.g. a Martingale/grid type strategy might be needed here but I don't have the knowledge for those yet.

    Have you got any thoughts about this kind of simple idea and ways to make it robust??

    Any help would be most appreciated.


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    Code for when price crosses SMA on MT4 platform. Muchas gratias

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    Can someone explain how to change the code to include "enter on bar open" i see it on some ea's but not on others.........also is there a code for funyoo's format to include CLOSE trade on "bar open".............kind regards

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    This is a very good strategy found here Simple Awesome EA
    but the Ea posted no longer works, maybe because of New Mt4 build.

    Please someone post the Working EA seems profitable....

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    Default Are you still doing free coding

    I would like An Ea the Supertrend histograms . I would like a code that would Buy and sell on change of color of Supertrend histograms. Also sound alerts when there is a color change . Be able to
    determine the time frame ea would alert and buy and sell.

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    a idea for a expert advisor based on RSI Multi levels

    RSI 21 on pair Gold TF M1 (Micro account work 250 $)

    Level 30 buy = 1 trade 0.01 lot
    Level 25 buy = 1 trade 0.02 lots
    Level 20 buy = 1 trade 0.03 lots
    Level 15 buy = 1 trade 0.04 lots

    Level 65 CLOSE ALL

    Level 70 sell = 1 trade 0.01 lot
    Level 75 sell = 1 trade 0.02 lots
    Level 80 sell = 1 trade 0.03 lots
    Level 85 sell = 1 trade 0.04 lots

    Level 35 CLOSE ALL

    Someone for coding mq4 this ea please ?

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    Default Coding EA


    Can you code the EA published by someone? because it doesn't work on my MT4:

    Name of the EA------Candle Open Expert Advisor

    An EA based on an idea proposed by automatic :

    buy/sell condition attached to x pts from open of candle.

    if price x pts above candle open then buy 1 if price moves x pts below open [close buy position] sell one.

    only 1 position open at any time.

    when candle close then close buy/sell.

    repeat on open next candle.

    repeat after X points profit from previous order, if within one candle(option external parameter setting)

    repeat after X minutes time, if previous order has profit and happens within one candle (option external parameter setting)

    if stop loss executed, do not open order within one candle

    if take profit executed, do not open within one candle

    if break even executed, do not open within on candle

    begin/end at time of day (option external parameter setting)

    ----with filter Moving average(option for periods, simple or exponential etc) and money management X%(option for X--if loss is X%,close all orders) and also:

    1)Can either be set to (a)ONLY BUY, (b)ONLY SELL (c)BOTH BUY & SELL at candle open .I.e hedge
    2)Option to choose to open each new position per new bar open OR per pip target(e.g after every 20 pips a new position is opened)
    2)TAKEPROFIT/STOPLOSS: 2 options: (1) Total profit/loss per open position OR (2)Total profit/loss on all open positions
    3)Both 4 & 5 digit brokers
    4)Applicable to all timeframes
    5)Option for Lot size
    6)Option for Maximum open positions
    7)Option of trailing stop
    8)option of stop loss
    9)option of breakeven
    11)option of trailing stop
    12)option of take profit

    I will give 10% profit to you if this EA works or another strategy being coded by you

    Kind regards

    my email address for communication is:

    Quote Originally Posted by theforexgeek View Post
    I will code your forex trading strategy into a MT4/MT5 EA free of charge. Reply to the thread with the system and I will code it and post it up or send you a download link if you prefer.
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    Default Still offering Free EA coding

    Are you still offering Free EA coding?


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    Can you fix this EA Please ?
    I got error message: "invalid lots amount for OrderSend function"

    Thank you.
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