Opening at price and alternating orders
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Thread: Opening at price and alternating orders

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    Default Opening at price and alternating orders

    Hi all,

    I'm looking to alternate buy orders and sell orders.

    What I mean is;

    First open by mean of an indicator is a buy (could be a sell of course) and then a buy order is open, if price bounce down to a level under the open price from the buy order, a sell order will open, but if price goes up again no new open buy should happen. Here a new buy order should only happen when price bounces back from the sell order. All the same if a sell order is the first to happen.

    Other issue is the multiple opening of orders. I think that is a need to include a limit after the order the order opening but use the limit that is marked that will prevent the next order to open. Here I suppose that the problem comes from the condition the orders are open, but I'm not sure.

    For last, this EA is intended to close all open orders when an order is closed by mean of TrailingStop. That's works fine in Tester, but when in Demo just the order closed by TrailingStop is closed. Any clue why is this happen ?

    I've tried to get that with the following attached code but doesn't work.

    I really appreciate if one could help me here.

    best regards

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Opening at price and alternating orders