Request for an Expert Advisor !! Please help...
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Thread: Request for an Expert Advisor !! Please help...

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    Hi Everyone !!
    I recently downloaded an expert advisor which was coded by one of the members of tradesystemforex.The EA was perfectly coded and the it had alot of potential.But,the only thing unsatisfying about the EA was actually its strategy based on hull moving average crossover.This is because it was coded on request.The EA opens an order quite well but the strategy is not capable of handling the trade.Anyways,as i was searching on the forums about hull moving average,i found another Hull moving average indicator which changes its color based on the direction of hull moving average and does'nt repaint as a simple idea that came into my mind was as follows :
    1)EA should open a buy or sell trade when both HMA(faster and slower) shows the same color.
    2)EA should close the trade based on another HMA.(for example,a buy position should close when HMA changes from blue to red).The settings of this HMA should be adjustable also.
    3) There should also be options of take profit,trailing stop,stop loss,etc......but,when these 3 options are false i.e disabled,the trade should close according to the trade closing strategy....(i.e according to point no.2)
    so Thats it !! but actually its not that simple.If a trade will open according to point no.1,a trade will open on the current bar whenever the color changes.This would result in huge losses since many trades will open and close on the same bar due to the fluctuation of HMA colors.Well,this is what i think could be the solution to that problem :
    (BUY TRADE EXAMPLE)......A buy trade should open when hma on the previous bar were red and on current bar,they are blue.In this way,all the wrong signals would be avoided and the trade wont open on each and every bar.Right!!
    Now,for the trade closing strategy,a buy trade should close when the HMA of point no.2 is red at the close of current bar.
    This is my humble request to any experienced programmer in this forum to code this EA since i believe that this strategy and indicator both has alot of potential.Thans aloooooootttttt in Advance
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    the previous HMA EA i m refering to was written by funyoo(here),whos code impressed me alot and compelled me to post the strategy on this Dear Funyoo,i ll be really thankful if you could write this EA for me...being an administrator,you might be a busy person but sir this strategy is worth the time ..................

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Request for an Expert Advisor !! Please help...