Excellent Moving Average EA needs a couple of additions
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Thread: Excellent Moving Average EA needs a couple of additions

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    Default Coders' Break From Holiday Shopping=an Excellent Moving Average EA

    This is very exciting stuff, and will be astounding once slightly modified:
    Statutory: It's an MA Crossover EA, whereby if the distance between the since-crossed MAs
    exceeds the Minimum difference (MinDiff) setting, it places a trade long or short depending on the cross' direction. No kidding, but needed to be said.
    If the trade goes the same proper direction we can let TakeProfit do its thing and take a mere 10 pips of profit. Great! IF, though, the trade doesn't go quite far-enough to make us that profit, we have
    Drawdown, which warrants no explanation, and what do we do then? Well, i propose that starting with THIS EA,
    we add a few features that, when used by themselves and especially together, will enable us to reap
    SUBSTANTIAL PROFITS even if the first of several trades like the one described above goes wrong for us.
    these items, in no particular order, are:

    1.---LotsAdd----a feature that, when enabled, will add an additional lot of our choosing to any and all
    trades that occur of the same direction after an initial trade goes against us. The original trade in my case
    would be of size .01 lots. Any trades occuring after this while Trade #1 is in Drawdown would be
    .02, .03, .04 and so on. ***If set at 0, any subsequent trades would be the original lot size (.01).

    2.---PipStep---now, we can't have a whole bunch of trades occurring just whenever they feel like it (!),
    so, we need to control the DISTANCE in pips to be traversed by this bad trade before another most-helpful,
    larger trade can come to the rescue, so we'll have a feature called PipStep. It can be set for ANY value,
    from 0 to 1000+ or usually, to be of any use, about 150-200 pips.

    In-order that we don't get into trouble with our brokers and have trades that, according to them,
    have to be First-in, First-out, we need to have a feature called....

    3.---PreviousTakeProfit (all one word to save space, lol, or PTP), a little gem that i feel i came up with to avoid the
    above-stated problem. This feature, when switched-on, causes all the trades of a particular direction to have the
    same TakeProfit as the first trade we ran-into-trouble with, enabling us to never lose any trades to the market,
    and also to reap the benefits in profit of all the trades created whilst trade #1 has been in the doghouse.
    it merely NEEDS to have a user-selectable (Extern or....) true or false box added to the EA's parameters. That's it!

    3a.---One final thing that will make this EA useable with every broker there is is Hidden TakeProfit/StopLoss.
    That way, i can get back to researching settings that, up until the FI-FO stipulation was enacted, were
    hard-fought-for and i was ready to use them live, but the rules beat me to it.

    I have been at-this for a very long time, but simply do not have the brain power to beat the
    error messages of trying to do it myself.

    Each feature needs to work for both long and short, independently, as will be shown in the attached .gif image(s)
    of the EU/US 1-hour chart, with a few details right on the chart as well.

    i do NOT want an entirely different EA, merely THIS one with a few new bells and whistles added to it;
    The benefit to all will be my display of my !already! super settings for this EA, as well as any interesting or truly
    profitable results from it in the coming weeks. i am not greedy with my findings, just cannot do these things
    on my own. (sob!) i am also not concerned with the modeling quality, (how often do we really
    see '90'---not enough i guess). I don't even know the effect new features will have on Trailing Stop
    (i have amazing settings for that as well)...
    well, it will be much-appreciated if anyone or several of you could please give it a try!
    Even a piece here and a piece there...will all add-up.
    Thank You-------newboy------Please see the attached EA, settings and example charts.
    be afraid...
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    Default here's an example graph

    So, imagine on the graph attached that everywhere there is a step upward, that is where the opportunity arises to make the second or higher # trade worth all you could want; i almost hate to trip my settings up even for an example. With my slight settings refinement, the graph is a perfectly smooth line! The first trade is like a tracer, basically 'insignificant' at .01 lots, which can also simply and frequently take its profit;
    this is the tester result with the provided settings, from 1-1-09 through present-day.
    It is entirely possible to set the settings so that there is INTENTIONAL drawdown, to 'take advantage'
    of the additional trades that occur. Trust me, my intent for the future is to of course also add a
    (MA or RSI) filter to help prevent these 'base of the mountain' rogue trades from occurring in the first place, but i might still WANT them to occur, although higher-up (or lower-down, in the case of buys).
    But, that'll be once these other modifications are in-place. Have a good day-----newboy
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Excellent Moving Average EA needs a couple of additions