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    Default Signal conditions

    hi all,
    it's a great place where , like me, we can learn so much and be helped by very kind and smart people. Thanks a lot you all.

    My question's day:
    i've found in one EA on this site, the below code:

    //|---------signal conditions

    int limit=1;

    for(int i=1;i<=limit;i++)

    .... then all the logic of that EA //

    Could someone give explanations about that logic piece of code, what mean "limit=1" for example
    Why to enable or disable that fonction , what's benefits ?
    Where can i find all the basics for programming with MT4 ?


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    Hi kooller,

    The EA checks if there is a signal on the previous bar.

    The code is quite useless here, but sometimes I need to modify the limit to check on the X previous bars.

    See here for the guide : MetaTrader 4 programming guide

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    Default mql guide

    many many thanks, have lot of studying now !!!!

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Signal conditions

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