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Thread: Best tick chart script ever

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    Default Best tick chart script ever

    The ask line evolution is missing though.

    There is only an ex4 file, which seems to be limited in time.

    With this code you see invisible movements (comparing to the other scripts).

    Tick charts are excellent to test your technique if you don't want to wait 10 years watching the H1 or even M1 charts.

    On the attached picture, we have 0.1 pips movements.

    I still don't know a profitable technique for tick charts. Maybe major trendline breakouts or fast price updates which imply "strong" trends (10-20+ pips). Otherwise, like the other timeframe we have ranging periods and trending periods. The first kill the profit of the other one and vice-versa.

    You need brokers with very small lots size, like IC Markets of FXOpen to trade on it.
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