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    Depending on whether the values of the UpDoun = true or = false, the script either drags the StopLoss closer to the market or pushes it away from the market holding the same Distance in points.

    It thoroughly takes the place of trailing stop.

    If a DC limits placing the Stops and Limits "for the market" (usually it is 10 points) you should...
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    Default script

    Hello, I am Antonio Magro and a few months you look at the forum, because very busy. Before I was interested in SNIPER EA. I am also writing to Elite, and I know one thing: if I put six orders manually with MT 4 with stop loss and take profit set, I would like a script (and) that on a couple of orders once there is, for a movement of n 30 pips profit, the stop loss will move it to 0 and another pair as soon reaches 15 pips profit. Example: EUR / USD place the order (to take profit and stop loss set) is taken from the market, after the raggiingimento of 20 pips of profit, the stop loss is to be moved automatically to 0 and so the other couples with different earnings . And 'possible? Thanks

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    Hello, I am new to this forum, i have read and test a lot of expert advisors from the ea section. Now i have found on internet a nice ea that can manage all manual treads with 3 different stopp loss levels, take profit levels and trailling stops. The problem is that this tool have a bug and i am not a programmer. When i load the ea on the Chart and after activation at the first manual tread the tool is working fine. But after the 1 tread all other new opened treads are closed immediately without any stopp loss or take profit. I think this is a bug, when i load the tool another time after a new tread it works fine. I think the problem is that the ea is not resetting after each tread. Is it possible for anybody to see the code to find the error? Thank you in advance. sorry for my bad English, i am not an englisg people zickzack
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