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Thread: MA on custom indicator

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    Default MA on custom indicator

    Does anyone know how to insert moving average in a custom indicator like stochastic ? I am looking for a MetaEditor solution. If u dont have code, I will still appreciate ideas

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    Primero abres el Estocastico, segundo arastras MA a la ventana del Estocastico y marcas en la casilla Parametros a Aplicar a Previos Indicator Data. Marcas aseptar y ya esta.
    Firstly open Stochastic, Secandly put MA en the window of Stocastich. In "Parameters" put Previos Indicator Data. Thats all.

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    hallo iam the new trader

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    MA 7 % ma 21..+ stoch 14 power full

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    Forex trading is a fun hobby for some and a living for others. Trading profitably depends upon having reliable ways to read the market and placing more winning trades than losing ones. Using technical indicators can help increase the odds of making trades that close with a profit.

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