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Thread: StopLoss and TakeProfit Manager

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    Default SL changed to break even

    Can this script be changed such that after a trade moves positive for (x) amount of pips, the SL is moved to break even?

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    Sir Funyoo...this EA set SL and TP for single pair or all orders?

    izit possible to make this EA, put in single chart but set TP for all opened orders?


    Dummie fairylord

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    Hi funyoo, do you have a close specific currency EA when the average price of only that specific pair reaches a user input profit target?

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    such an worthy discussion..Thanks for all posts
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    Here is a new version.

    It is an expert advisor. It will modify all opened order if they are lacking a stoploss or a takeprofit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by funyoo View Post
    Here is the StopLoss and TakeProfit Manager.

    You can put it in the scripts folder (you will have to modify the stoploss and takeprofit parameter in MetaEditor).
    Or you can put it in the experts folder. When you will drag it on the chart, you will be able to enter the wanted values for the stoploss and the takeprofit.

    What does this code do ?

    You enter a manual order, then you drag this code on the chart, it will automatically generate a StopLoss and a TakeProfit.

    I downloaded the Stop Loss and Take Profit Manager and added it to my MT4 platform. The EA worked great for a week, but then it stopped working. I've removed it and re-added it several time, with no success. The smiley face is frowning. Any suggestions please...anyone? Thank you!

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StopLoss and TakeProfit Manager