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Thread: Very special Trade Copier

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    Default Very special Trade Copier

    I'm looking for a trade copier that can copy trades from a master MT4 to a Slave MT4 calculating the lot in risk so the risk in each MT4 client is the same no matter what the balance of the slave is.
    It shall also be able to sort out what EA-signals goes to which MT4 slave.


    I have three different MT4 clients running. Each with different account balance and each with a different set up of Experts. The problem is that some systems takes a long position on the first platform while on the second it takes no signals at all.... and on the third even the opposit have happened. So i end up with very different results.
    very frustrating.


    Since all my BT's and optimization is based on Dukas copy data i would like to use the MT4 platform of Dukas Copy. The must then be the closest i can get to my BT-results.

    But i have also limitations when it comes to computer power and can't run unlimited numbers of MT4 platforms. My computer can handle 4 which would be enough with the right Copier.

    So what i would like to do is to put all my EA's on the Dukas MT4 and copy the trades over to my Alpari, FXDD and IamFX platforms. But since i have different account balance and use different risk settings and different EA's on each platform i need a way to handle that problem.
    Perheps the copy-reciver can call on the magic number so if one platform doesn't call on magic 123456 no trade for the Dukas-copy-EA that have magic 123456 will happen once it trades on Dukas.
    But the platform that do call up on the magic 123456 shall enter the trade/order when it do on the dukas copy plattform.

    I guess that these settings would be easiest to enter in some .dll file or so.
    Perheps can look something like:

    Magic; risk
    123456; 2

    Means that the copy reciver will recive trades/orders from the EA with the magic number 123456 and will risk 2% of the account balance on that trade.

    Any one knows such Copier or have the skill enough to program it?
    Regards / JoLi

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    You can try and test tradecopier dot com, i've been with them for since 2000. It works with different brokers. You can copy your trades from one broker to another. TradeCopier is compatible with any brokers, but only with MT4 Trading Platform. You can adjust the trade sized of the slave accounts. you can use a DivideRate parameter. For instance, you can trade 1 lot on the master and 4 lots on the slave (DivideRate=4.0). Inversely, 4 lots on the master and 1 lots on the slave is also possible (DivideRate=0.25).All trades initiated from the master account. Automatic trades (from other EAs, for example) and manual trades. You can use tradecopier to copy all signals from all your EA accounts.

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    You can try: Local Trade Copier | Duplicate Your Forex MT4 Accounts

    I use it many time.


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