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Thread: Alternative to MT4 and MT5 Strategy Tester

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    Default Alternative to MT4 and MT5 Strategy Tester

    An interesting tool to get rid of the Metatrader Startegy Tester :

    - Our Trading Framework | Asirikuy

    It is called F4 programming framework or Asirikuy tester. It is not free. It is based on Python.

    Alternative to MT4 and MT5 Strategy Tester-f4-1-gif

    Alternative to MT4 and MT5 Strategy Tester-f4-2-gif
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    Another one called Equity 1.2, used by Dima.A (aka DmitriyECN) on I have absolutely no idea what is the real name of this one. If you know, don't hesitate.

    Alternative to MT4 and MT5 Strategy Tester-equity12-gif
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    Questions about the Asirikuy Tester :

    How fast are backtesting and optimization with OHLC and tick by tick mode ?

    It depends on the strategy you're testing. For a regular simple moving average cross strategy an OHLC test on 1H data can take a few seconds and a tick by tick test from 2007 to present can take about half an hour. However these values can vary significantly depending on the complexity of the strategy tested and the amount of data used by it.

    What about the difficulty to develop. I suppose that we can't submit mql codes to your tester ?

    The systems must be coded using our F4 framework (which is coded in C/C++). However we have made a significant effort to make a library to simplify the calling of trade related functions. For example you have access to indicators in the same coding style as MT4 (iMA, iRSI, etc) and a wide variety of additional indicators via TA-lib functions. Opening/closing/modifying trades can also be done via simple Open, Close, modify functions. Practical coding difficulty will depend on what you want to build, but you'll have my support if you need help with anything in particular, we always seek to improve our library to increase functionality and usability.

    Also note that systems coded in F4 can then me traded/back-tested in MT4/MT5, the Asirikuy Trader (which trades directly in JForex and Oanda (Java or REST) through their respective API implementations) and our back-tester.

    Have you been able to create profitable systems in live mode ?

    About our systems, we have many live trading experiments, some have had successful results and some have had losing results.

    However live results are NOT available to non-members as we do not want to encourage joining based on historical results. We are not a system selling website but we sell an education that aims to help people become algorithmic traders (help them establish a clear methodology for system generation, design, etc). Our objective is always to increase our understanding of the market and the system generation methodology through our live testing process.

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