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Thread: Exp - TesterPad Simulator for Strategy Tester MetaTrader

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    Default Exp - TesterPad Simulator for Strategy Tester MetaTrader

    This utility is designed to manually test your strategies in the strategy tester.

    Convenient and complete functionality for testing trading skills is now available in the strategy tester.

    The program has a single code and is suitable for terminals MT4 and MT5.

    Management of positions and orders, trailing stop, stoploss, takeprofit, lots, installation and removal of pending orders, construction of the order grid. Trade in Indicators

    Exp - TesterPad Simulator for Strategy Tester MetaTrader-s42743550-jpg

    Exp - TesterPad Simulator for Strategy Tester MetaTrader-31008868-png

    Exp - TesterPad Handheld Simulator for Strategy Tester
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