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Thread: Pro MT4 Account Analyzer

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    Default work with older excel version

    Quote Originally Posted by hiachiever View Post

    Did you try the version I just posted?
    Could you make it work with EXCEL 97? Just donīt want to buy a new EXCEL just for this (never use EXCEL)

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    Very nice piece of software.
    Your development?

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    Loads raw data with wrong commas position and RunTime Error 13.

    Any help?

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    I just copy paste from Detailed report.html to excel and then do with it what I want.
    All you have to know is excel and how to write formulas. I agree it takes from few months to a year to learn but well worth it. And because excel is highly visual it's much easier to learn then programming.
    Excel is basic math literacy, otherwise you at the mercy of a coder, and even can't test your ideas first.
    I thought they teach it in high school to kids nowadays

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    Anyone know anaylyse software for MT4 backtests?

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