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Thread: PFT Projected Fibonacci Targets + calculator

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    Default PFT Projected Fibonacci Targets + calculator

    have you ever heard about the PFT?
    it's a new way to predict the price after any resistant or support
    it was created by Mohab Nabil

    Mohab Nabil, a full member of the Society of Technical Analysts UK, has published numerous articles on technical analysis for both Egyptian and international journals. He teaches a technical analysis course at Regional Information Technology Institute (RITI) in Cairo, Egypt. He trades the US equity markets and carries out his own research, with his main focus on pattern recognition and cycle analysis.

    and i tried his way in predicting and it was GREAT so i decided to make a small program to calculate the PFT and here it is - online file sharing and storage - download Projected Fibonacci Targets Calculator.rar

    for more information about using this technique you can see the next link
    Ensign Software - Article: Projected Fibonacci Targets

    peace be upon you...

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    can i know what i want to enter in this calculator is asking two input point A=? point b=?

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    any1 ever review the software... the article looks great ..
    But i'm a little bit worried about the software .. better if this system was transformed
    into an indicator ..

    Nice share by the way ... ^^

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PFT Projected Fibonacci Targets + calculator