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    The software of the automated forex system trading can recognize and evaluate certain characteristics of forex market. There is high success rate of profitability in this system. There is very little human input required in it. It can also remove the human emotions from trading which is the main problem for many traders. These systems are normally signal based on certain market conditions. You can find lots of trading systems in the market but it is important for you to find the right system for you. The robot can execute the order of enter and exit on suitable conditions in the market. The human monitoring and emotion is minimized in these systems. This system is normally optimized for certain currency pairs.

    There is very high trade win ratio in the automated forex system trading. There has been dramatic advancement in the use of this system over the years. Now traders have better opportunities to trade in the forex market for buying and selling of foreign currencies with this system. You should consider the type of OS systems while choosing any automated system. The good thing about this system is that it can make trading independently. The software used has strict programs and guidelines with which robots can make decisions about forex trading. There has been rapid expansion in the market for this system. It can provide you great simplicity in the forex trading and it seems much easier than ever. This system also has good money management built in.

    The orders are placed or cancelled by the automated forex trading system on your behalf without your presence. The robots will provide you constant analysis of the forex market and its present situation. With this analysis you can be able to make decision about the buying and selling of currencies in a better way. It also helps you in observing the market trends. There is very little chance of making errors with this system as it is based on reacting how market moves. This monitoring is done 24 hours a day 7 days a week by the forex robots. For more information about automated forex system trading, you can visit Automated forex system trading.

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    I think that there is just one sort of trading systems, which are really effective - those, which have logic, based on neural networds and fundamental market analysis

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    A great high quality Forex trading software program program offers you with real-time currency price updates and digs for market indicators so you do not need to. You will find two ways yor are able to find the forex trading software program you need, you can use the 1 supplied by a broker or go out and find one for yourself. No matter which way you decide to go, there are some functions that all forex trading software tools should have.

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    GationLi, think outside the box. You might get a better overview.

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    When you click the "buy" or "sell" button, that's your money whizzing through cyberspace. Your trading software should set a gold standard for reliability. It's a powerful tool that you should confidently trust with a $5 trade or a $150,000 order. Forex trading software can range in price from free platforms available through a broker to trading stations that cost over a thousand dollars. If you're making the move from dabbling in Forex to trading two or three days per week, it's time to crank up your software applications.

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    which is more better, trading manual or using robot trading???

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