Subject: Forrex using MetaTrader4
************************************************** ********using server: ODL-Web Demo and am very new to Forex Trading.

A few questions...

On an account, if the leverage is 1:100 and the deposit is $5000,
does that mean that $50 of my money is invested'?

I did a "Buy" order on 12-16-08 as follows...
================================================== ======
Time: 2008.12.16 23:59(GMT) / 2008.12.16 15:59(Local)
Account: 1067930, BILL MEAD
Server: ODL-Web Demo
#1227980 buy 1.0 EURUSD at 1.4062 sl: 1.4046 tp: 1.4071 successful
================================================== ======
Where do I find the results of that order?
If the "sl" and "tp" are never reached, does the order just continue?
For how long?
I've looked through MT4 and so far found no trace of the order.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Bill Mead