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    Default Meta Trader Account Copier

    The purpose of this software is to help traders, who use Meta Trader 4 trading terminal, in their routine work with trading signals.

    Some traders, who can not trade successfully by themselves, prefer to copy trades of professional traders. Some successful traders would like to increase their profit by selling trading signals. But it is very hard task to process those signals manually. You should wait for those signals 24 hours a day, what can happen if you were away from your computer when signal came? You can lose your money.

    With this software you can do what you want while computer is working for you, it does not require any supervision. It just copies trading account of the signal provider to your account, trade by trade, 24 hours a day. And much more: you can copy not only one account, but unlimited number of accounts from different providers to your single account. If signal provider trades with small money, for example $1.000 and your account is $10.000 you can adjust multiplier 10 and when provider buys 0.1 lot, software will buy 1 lot on your account, or in opposite situation you can decrease lot. Every account can be adjusted separately. If you want to have manual confirmation you can disable trading functions and this program will notify you about all changes that happened on the provider's account without modifying yours.
    Usefull freeware to manage several accounts.

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    Default Request

    What a nice software.

    Can i attach this to your account so that it'll boost my trades from yours


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    Default works only between same time broker server MT4s

    Quote Originally Posted by funyoo View Post
    it's limited to same broker or same time server broker. Slow, other limitations.

    There is better copier, but ain't free

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    i have a copier ,..,

    when im allowed to share it please tell me ... i will post it ,.,
    but what i need is accounts with investor password

    i want to test trading of other peoples EA Account▀s



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