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    The Refined Elliott Trader (RET) uses patterns to tell you what the markets are most likely going to do – which can translate into more successful trading and greater profits for you.
    • RET is a highly sophisticated software package that helps you make more money trading major financial markets by accurately forecasting future market movement.
    • Since 1994 Elliottician has been refining the Elliott Wave method of pattern recognition and forecasting of financial markets. Elliottician is now regarded as the market leader in this field of Elliott Wave pattern research and technology development.
    • RET is unique computer software that enables you to apply all Elliottician’s most valuable research discoveries to your trading strategy – for greater trading success and increased profits.
    • As a result of Elliottician’s ongoing research, each RET upgrade includes the very latest refined Elliott Wave technology – continually providing you with improving entry and exit signals.
    • Although RET is a highly complex software package based on sophisticated pattern recognition and probability algorithms, it is designed to be as automated as possible. Only a basic level of knowledge and skill is needed to obtain precise and valuable market forecasts with specific entry/exit signals.
    • RET forecasts financial markets by identifying the beginning of common Elliott Wave patterns, then calculates where they are most likely to complete.
    Elliottician - Refining the Elliott Wave Principle

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    This is for programmers, not tradeable
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Refined Elliott Trader

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