Can anyone Code this EA?

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Thread: Can anyone Code this EA?

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    Default Can anyone Code this EA?

    I have one idea to work on this market profitably.
    But this is to be tested by making it robo.
    Can anyone help me?

    Please go through 2 files and you will know it.
    One is Grid robo, try it in demo account in any script with
    Lot size 0.1
    Grid Size : 5 - 8 pip or 50 - 80 points
    Grid step : 12
    Take Profit : 25 - 30 pip or 250 - 300 points
    Stop loss: 00
    Update interval : 1.0

    I want such a software but little different . Which is mentioned below

    Trade Line EA
    1. Number of Trades per line should be max 2. ( 1 buy trade and 1 sell trade )
    2. As the take take profit of particular trade is taken it should immediately set limit for the same place ( sell limit, sell stop or buy limit, but stop )
    3. Grid should be maintained upto above and below 10 trade lines to the centre value ( current price of the market ).
    4. There should be options of
    a. Lot size,
    b. Grid size,
    c. Take profit
    5. There should be No option of Stop Loss. Take Profit must be 2.5times higher than grid space. T/p >= 2.5 Grid Space.
    6. Lot Size should be maximum L = B x 0.00001 ( i.e. if A/c Balance is B = 1000 then Lot Size L = 1000 x 0.00001 = 0.01 ). As the balance increases more than 1000 than initial value it will increase lot size with above calculation.
    7. Once EA is fixed and allowed to live trading, it shouldn’t allowed to change any parameters. It will take default parameters as Lot size according to account balance, Grid size 5 pip and Take Profit 28pip. To change parameters it is required to remove and reattach the EA to chart.
    8. As the EA attached to the chart and allowed to Live Trading, on current value of script, it will make 1 buy and 1 sell trade and this will be centre value at this stage and it will put limits above and below 10 trade lines.
    9. There should be no connection with any time frame as this EA will work on Market values only.
    10. Slippage should be 2 max.
    11. It should indicate extreme high and extreme low of last 60 days from current time.

    - Pratik Patel
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    Hi Pratik

    I can code this EA. Contact me

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Can anyone Code this EA?

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